IRIANC brings together experienced scientists (mathematicians, computer scientists, biologists, …), with real research records, who believe that it is time for another scientific revolution. The difference between living and non-living matter, understanding the human mind, understanding how living matter can be self-aware seems to be impossible within current scientific paradigms.

This institute aims to investigate the imperatives of mathematics and computation in a cardinal new way by comprehending the fundamental principles of emergence, development and evolution in biology. The goal will be to develop a set of novel mathematical formalisms capable of addressing the multiple facets of an integral model and a general theory of biocomputation within an adequate frame of relevance. Its base will be the realization of a long-term fundamental research programme in mathematics, biology and computation that we call Integral Biomathics.

Our goal is to prepare a research cooperation infrastructure that will support the preparation of projects and their funding.

IRIANC is intended

  • to mobilize multidisciplinary research in a variety of fields in mathematics and natural sciences towards a paradigm change in computational systems biology;
  • to collect ideas and proposals for devising future research in Integral Biomathics into specific research fields, topics and roadmaps for dissemination;
  • to offer an open platform for recognized experts to meet, exchange ideas and debate on issues of interest, as well as to enable them to venture adequate research actions;
  • to provide the base for an international collaboration network in the field of Integral Biomathics.